In addition to railway and Oil & Gas sector, we are committed in also many different ones (Food, Electro-mechanical, Paper, Oleodynamic, Industrial Machines, Marine) as components (carpentry welded sub-groups)
 and work suppliers for manufacturing activity part of our production process.

Carpenteria Metalmeccanica

We have been awarded cetification EN 1090-2 required for structural construction for european market with FPC (Factory production control), certified for stell carpentry up to EXC2 for cutting, assembling, welding and surface protection processes.

Our metal carpentry works are:

  • •Difficult cutting of materials (bronze, brass, rubber, high thickness aluminium) through Water Jet System
  • Mechanical works and assembly
  • Industrial Sandblasting and Painting with certified processes.
Sottogruppo Struttura Alluminio
Sottogruppo Struttura Alluminio
Portellone Marina Grezzo
Portellone Marina Finito
Portellone Marina Militare
Portellone Marina Grezzo