Internal production cycle is developed through working phases performed by high-level qualified personnel.

Selected Suppliers, which have assured for years quality and short delivery times, collaborate with the Company for all those working phases or checks that are not performed internally.

The following phases are performed inside:

  • Design data development by 2D / 3D systems; for Projects where design is in charge to the Customer, generally in Railway Sector, with detailed drawings issue, production cycles, machine working programs, working instructions, manufacturing and control plans
  • Design verifications; for Projects where is incleuded the design development of Customer’s requirements, generall in O & G Sector, where are performed preliminary FEM analysis, foundation loads, specific calculations (load losses, acoustic, etc.), and at the same time manufacturing and final assembly drawings are issued. When design is approved, the Project is launched with processes documentation issuing.
Lavorazione Meccanica
Mechanical Machining
  • Cutting and base material preparation; working of base material is performed mainly inside, through CNC systems for cutting, punching, drilling, milling, bending, calendaring. All work is verified in auto-check by working personnel on the basis of shared verification instructions.
  • Assembly; assembly models are manufactured internally, starting from 3D models and developing the equipments on the basis of many-years experience in assuring quality and easy operation.
  • Welding; welding process is to be considered as the main working process, with over 30-years experience in welding activity, both manual and automated MAG-TIG-FCAW and MIG, on steel and aluminium alloys (also on big thicknesses over 100mm), typical of railway sector.
  • Certifications; our Company has certified working processes, welding personnel and procedures, NDT personnel, coordination personnel and welding process itself according to ISO 3834-2 and EN 15085-2 specific for railway sector.
  • Verifications; production process checks are performed both on self-control, for some working phases, and by internal qualified personnel (final testing and NDT). The activity is developed according Control Plans defined with the Customers on the basis of which are scheduled inspection activities for is Customer’s presence is required or Third Party Inspectors.
  • Surface finishing, sandblasting and painting; sandblasting and spray painting are performed internally both for steel and aluminium alloy products. We are equipped with a Sandblasting Cabin (GARNET abrasive) and with a pressurized and heated Painting Cabin suitable for activity in any atmospheric condition. For more finish surface treatments we go outsourcing to reliable suppliers.
  • Assemblies; when required we perform interior assembly on customer’s product n order to speed up final assembly of provided product (i.e. assembly of cabin interiors with complete supply of intrior lining, accessories, floors, seats, etc.), and pre-assembly of carpentry groups that are shipped pre-assembled according to Customer’s specifications and drawings.
Allestimenti Interni
Interiors Assembly
  • Packaging; in order to assure suitability of finished product up to the first phases of its final use at customer’s premises, we provide intermediate and final packaging according to project requirements. We employ personnel qualified for safety international norms for marine/ground/air transportation.
  • Manuals; for every Project, process documentation is issued according to specific requirements of the Customer, both as production documents (reports, manufacturing and control plans, certifications) and as use and maintenance manuals or declaration of performance for those products under CE marking.


  • Welding operators for SMAW-FCAW-MAG-;IG-TIG qualified on carbon steel, staniless steel and aluminium alloys according to norms EN 9606-1 and 2, ASME IX / AWS D1.1 – D1.3.
  • Welding operators qualified according to norm EN ISO 14732.
  • Welding processes SMAW – FCAW – MAG – MIG – TIG for carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys qualified according to norms EN 15614 / ASME IX / AWS D1.1 – D1.3.
  • NACE qualified operators and working cycles for painting on carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Certified ISO 9712 internal personnel for NDT VT / PT testing
  • Internal “International Welding Technologist” / IIS IT 080250°