With the attention always paid to compliance with product requirements, guaranteed by reliable and constant process controls, the Company has over time equipped itself with a fleet of control instruments suitable to guarantee the quality standards required by its customers.

Are available measuring instruments dedicated to special processes (welding and painting) control and general purpose instruments updated to the most recent measuring techniques (laser tracker), interfaced with control software and design documentation (3D drawings).

Controllo Ultrasuoni



  • Magnetic yoke for MT welding check
  • Kit for Penetrant Liquids chechks
  • Ultrasound reader Panametrics EPOCH 4B
  • Dimensional calibres for welding profile control
  • Welding box for welding parameters and welding equipment control
Controllo Macrografico Saldature
Welding Macro-graphic check


  • Hygrometer for environmental parameters controli
  • Digital gauge for dry film thickness measurement
  • Manual caliper for wet film thickness control
  • MITUTOYO Digital roughness meters for sandblasting control
  • Soluble sault control kit
  • Dust tape test
Spessimetro Controllo Verniciatura
Spessimetro Controllo Verniciatura


  • Laser Tracker Omnitrac 2 API
  • Digital calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Dynamometers
  • Optical level
Laser Tracker
Laser Tracker