Through the years we have provided many different products in various sectors for our italian and international customers.

From semi-finished products destined to be incorporated in complex assemblies to finished products ready for installation, every request has always been fulfilled in time and according to the procedures agreed with the customers.

As an example of our capabilities, a brief overview of some of our most representative productions:

Railway Sector Products

Cabina di Guida Autoscale
Driver’s Cab for Autoscale
Assieme Telaio Metro Madrid
Metro Madrid Frame assembly
Estremità Telaio Metro MIlano L5
Metro Milano L5 Frame Ends
Estremità Telaio Belgio Olanda
V250 Netherlands/Belgium Frame Ends


Oil & Gas Products


Condotti Antiice
Anti-Ice Ducts
Giunto Tronchetto Inox
Inox Joint
Plenum con Serrande e Compensatore Elastico
Plenum with shutter and elastic damper
Piping Inox
Inox Piping
Silenziatori a Setti
Septum Silencer
Condotto Inox
Inox duct


Naval Sector Products

Portellone Marina Grezzo
Portellone Marina Finito
Portellone Marina Militare
Portellone Marina Grezzo