We have been working for more than 40 years in the railway sector, with all most important Players, Italian and foreign.

We started as suppliers of small components for inner coach systems (ducts and collectors), and, over the years, our production has been directed towards the supply of structural sub-groups, made mainly in aluminum alloy but also in carbon steel and stainless steel.

We can normally satisfy requests for railway carpentry of: sub-assemblies and casing frame assemblies, floors, sides, roofs, head walls, driving cabs and other sub-assemblies.

Depending on the specific Project, the supplies are carried out both complete of raw materials and managing of raw material received directly from customers, with dedicated procedures to guarantee the storage and protection of products.

The work is performed with most up to date cutting and mechanical preparation systems through CNC Work Centers.

Metro Copenaghen

We operat with welding procedures MIG / TIG / MAG / FCAW / SMAW, automatic and robotic, IIS certified, compliant with EN/AWS technical norms, and with certified welding operators many years experienced in the sector.

Welding process is certified according to ISO 3834-2 / EN 15085-2, for the respect of all applicable technical standard.

We have qualified internal staff for NDT ISO 9712 controls and an International Welding Technologist Welding Coordinator.

For dimensional checks, in addition to the traditional checks on feedback plans, we are equipped with OMNITRAC 2 Laser tracker API, which allows to detect 3D measurements and compare the differences detected with the 3D design.

Metro Sanying Taipei

Among our most recent works:

  • FRAME HEADS: Regional Trains TAF/TSR, Metro Madrid, DMU Denmark, EMU Norway, V250 Netherlands-Belgium, Metro Milano line 5, Metro Taipei, Metro Milano Expo, Metro Lima, Metro Leonardo
  • SIDE-WALLS: Metro Washington, Metro Roma, Metro Lima, ETR 500, Metro Ankara, Metro S.Francisco, Metro Milano linea 5, Metro Copenaghen
  • FLOORS: Euro tunnel cars, Regional Trains TSR
  • DRIVER’S CAB: Locomotor E633, E652, E444R, E464, Cabin frame DMU Danimarca, Driver cabins, Maneuver Locomotors.

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